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The Dog Bed

Below are the 5 most recent journal entries.


  2004.01.03  12.07
I'm a happy dog.

The people left. Okay, see, My mom's mom was in town and brought her dog, Angel. Angel is a Boston Terrier and she's really ugly. But I wanted to hump her anyway.

And then she humped me. She humped me the whole time.

And so now she's gone and I stole like two of her toys. HA!


  2003.12.18  21.00

i don't like the new dog.

i hate her.

she won't let me have sex with her.


  2003.09.17  08.52
I hate my family

They're all so stupid! I hate them so much. They make me stay outside all the time. My mommy sits there on one side of the glass door and I don't get to hug her and love her. No. I have to stay outside, tied to a damn tree while people I DON'T KNOW come in my house! It makes me so mad.

I want some cheese...


Mood: cranky

  2003.09.12  13.28

I've had such a long week. I don't know what to do. We've had so many people in and out of the house. IT's driving me crazy.

And the whole time I've been sitting in the backyard just barking cause... THERE ARE PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE!

now I'm sleepy.


  2003.09.09  09.42
My first update

Not a lot has happened today. I am so glad Gabe's here again. It was so fun.

Well I heard from mom that a guy is coming to fix the dry wall in the basement with in the hour. That will be fun for barking.

Rachel brought Audrey out of her room. I had to wait outside. It wasn't fun. I barked a lot. I just want to play with that kitty all the time. I also want to run in her room and eat all her kitten food but no one will let me.

Alright I have things to do today. You know, run, jump, play. So I will be back with another update later.

P.S. I chose mice for my mood theme cause I love to chase them.

Mood: bouncy